My name is Roxanne. I have a nursing background and what drew me to that profession was my strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people and to comfort those experiencing pain and suffering. After leaving the nursing profession I became a doula because of these very same desires. I love that, as a doula, I am there solely for the labouring mother and her partner, that I get to encourage and reassure her and just be completely awestruck at witnessing the power and wisdom of her body. My goal is to provide emotional support and physical comfort through techniques such as relaxation, massage, positions. I work for and with you to ensure the best birth story. My role in no way replaces your partner’s role; rather my presence allows him/her to be involved at the level of his/her comfort level.

I believe in birth as a natural, normal and truly amazing event; it need not be medical. Women have been giving birth for thousands of years; they intuitively and instinctively know how to give birth. And their babies know how to be born. Childbirth belongs to women; it’s been taken away from them by men, it’s been medicalized and pathologized. As women, we can trust our bodies, and we can also trust birth. Care providers need to trust in that inner wisdom and respect the incredible creative power of woman unleashed during birth. As women, we have the right to birth the way we choose and where we choose. We have the right to feel empowered rather than fearful. So much of a mother’s identity lies in her birth story, a story that stays with her for a lifetime; she deserves that this story be a beautiful one. I believe in support and empowerment of the labouring mother and her partner.


~ header photograph credit: model is Tammy; photographer is Kitty ~


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